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Questions, Comments, Concerns, Info

Page history last edited by Kathy 13 years, 5 months ago


I would like to format the table of contents using our Martin and Zannier as a guide.   What are people's thoughts?

Here are the headings I propose.  We could have subheadings (the pages we are building) under each of these main heading:  I put a few subheadings just as an example. Sounds like a wonderful Kathy - thank you!

School Librarian as Library Adminstrator

Mission Statements       Operation and Borrowing Procedures

School Librarian as Information Specialist

School Librarian as Teacher and Instructional Specialist


Selected Policy Documents

Essential Sources

Book Jobbers     Selection Tools




Wiki Work Times:

Lindsey- Saturday Afternoon

Kate- Saturday Morning 

Kathy- Sunday Morning

Jamie- Sunday Afternoon

We're missing Sam and Jen on the Wiki work times. When are they getting on? I want to make sure no one accidentally kicks them off or is working during their scheduled time.

I am getting on throughout the day Monday and Tuesday (during baby nap time!)--was I green?!? -Jen



Question from Kate: Can we agree on a common term to use when talking about 1) School library, 2) School librarian and 3) school library supervisor? These terms are the ones Mona uses in her assignment description - is it okay with everyone?  I would prefer to use school library and school librarian.  I believe that the AASL has moved away from the term media specialist. I was thinking and using the same lingo as I type stuff up!


Meeting Minutes:


Please have your rough draft done by Tuesday evening (if at all possible). 


We will meet again in the Wimba classroom on Friday at 5pm. Friday meaning last friday, right!? Are we meeting again?  We need to discuss when formatting and editing will be completed!  Do we all turn in the wiki, or just one member?  I think we are meeting again this Friday at 5pm. -Kathy


Each county duo will meet to divide the work.


All members will need to post their individual mission statements, vision statements, and biography information.




I know I suggested trying to make the list smaller, but should we have a section devoted to facilities? 

I think it is very important to have a well-designed media center. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this.



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