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Friday's Agenda

Page history last edited by Kathy 13 years, 2 months ago


Meeting Topic: Wiki Page


Hi guys!  I thought Jamie had a great idea to make an agenda.  And, I decided to take it on.  If I get too bossy just give me a nudge. (Thank you for taking the initial leadership role to get us rolling!) Yes, thanks Kathy! Can you tell I have been a team leader for years?  It may make sense for us to comment on this agenda page before our meeting.  I say we each use a different color to further help us with reading this page.  I am going to keep the topics in the default, but my personal comments in orange.



(I'm adding in what everyone has offered to do in terms of the technical sides of things)

Lindsey- Tuscarora High              -Rubric/Assignment Checking (emailing Mona/Annette with Qs) or Formatting

Sam- Bonnie Branch Middle     -     Proofreading

Jen- Carroll Elem                         -     Proofreading

Kate- Frederick High                    -     Rubric/Assignment Checking (emailing Mona/Annette with Qs)

Jamie- Carroll Elem- I call pink!  -     Formatting

Kathy- Howard Elem                    -     Formatting


Wiki Times:

Lindsey- Saturday Afternoon

Kate- Saturday Morning

Kathy- Sunday Morning

Jamie- Sunday Afternoon








-      Meet and Greet

-      Let's Get organized

-     Decide on one other time early next week to meet and discuss any issues that have come up?

     -  Would it be better to assign roles to people or have us all do a little of each?

For example:  We can have 2 people in charge of making sure we are meeting the assignment requirements and rubric standards, 2 people in charge of proofreading, and 2 people in charge of formatting. I think this way we can work towards our strengths.

So, if we go with Kathy's suggestion, I think we could also assign some "due-dates" or "check-up dates." For example, if Sam and Jen are in charge of proofreading, we can say that Tuesday evening and Friday evening are proofreading times. That way, they aren't driving themselves crazy trying to get all of their content on the wiki AND proofreading everybody's content at the same. Another example, if Kathy and I were in charge of checking up on the assignment and rubric, we may say that Wednesday evening and Saturday morning are assignment/rubric check days. Just an idea...so that we aren't all trying  to accomplish many tasks at the same time.

-I would rather not be in charge of proofreading, obviously since you all have read my posts lol. I am pretty good with formatting things, I can do that! 

-I can help with proof-reading.  Thanks Kathy for getting us moving and on task...I SO NEED this!!!

I can do formatting or checking over our rubric, however, I too am staying away from proofreading.

-I can check over the rubric or formatting. Whatever works for you guys.


     -  Could we assign different sections to different people?  Fortunately, we have 2 people from each county.  I was thinking we could have each county be responsible for all sections, but divide the work in half.  For example, Sam and I can split the table in contents in half and each be responsible for our part.  That way we would have all counties represented.

Great idea!

I think this is an awesome idea! I am also able to help with proofreading, but since two people have already offered to help with that piece, I'll be more than happy to be one of the ones responsible for checking over our rubric.

I would be happy to help with the proofreading.  I also think that it's a good idea to break things up between counties - it would be nice to make sure that everyone's county is represented as Kathy said.  Sorry it's taking me so long to get the hang of this guys. 

-I like this idea. Sorry I am kind of late getting into this. I am now glued to my computer, so I will be here when I am not at school. I am looking forward to our meeting because I have a few questions. 


Another idea I thought about was how we can actually use the sidebars once we are finished including the requirements on the individual wiki pages. Could we perhaps use that as a place to include relevant weblinks, or statistics, etc. Kind of like how blogs have added items along the side that aren't as important as the posts, but still add helpful links and/or information.


Comments (2)

Samantha Roller said

at 4:18 pm on Jan 27, 2011

ok so I'm finally figuring stuff out on here. Although I might need some help along the way. I have no idea what I'm doing on a wiki! I will be happy to take on any part of this assignment. I just sent Jamie some stuff via e-mail that I thought we might be able to use; if none of you like any of it that's fine with me. Or if you want to change it up some that's fine with me too. Whatever works and however I can help:)

Jamie said

at 12:12 pm on Jan 28, 2011

Sam, I didn't add what you sent, but it all looks great, now that you are on you can drop them into the pages that you think they fit best. We are meeting tonight so we can discuss it more then as well.
I like the sidebar idea with relevant links!

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