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Book Jobbers and Suppliers

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Jobbers and Suppliers


Book jobbers buy books from the publishers to resell to school libraries at a discount. Advantages to using a jobber are that you create one order opposed to creating an order for each individual publisher. A disadvantage is that you do not always get everything you want, so you have to over-order.





Baker & Taylor 

Preferred by Carroll County School librarians for multimedia, books, and related information services to libraries and retailers.  This is the required jobber for Howard County.


Bound to Stay Bound Books

Specializes in prebinding children's books to withstand the handling at a school or public library.



Preferred by Frederick County School librarians as a wholesale distributor of educational materials.


Gumdrop Books 

Sells books and services to public libraries, public and private schools worldwide.


Ingram Library Services, Inc.

Offers libraries a broad range of print and digital products and complete library services.



Preferred by Carroll County School librarians for their excellent customer service, free shipping, custom collection analysis and reviews from professional journals.



Provides book binding and re-binding services to school and public libraries.


Regent Book 

Book distributer with catalogs for high schools, juvenile fiction and nonfiction (K-6) and middle schools (6-8).



Preferred by Carroll County School librarians for providing books, Rigby Guided books, Read-at-Home backbacks and audiovisual materials such as Playaway Digital books, interactive ebooks and reading enrichment programs.






Reference products.



Preferred by Carroll County School librarians for supplies and furnishings.


Children's Book Council

Promotional supplies.



Library supplies and furniture.


Gaylord Bros

Library supplies and furniture.


Highsmith Company

Library and school products.


IMPACT Office Products

School supplies. Currently contracted by FCPS.


JD Pacific Rim, Inc.

Fixtures and displays.


Kurtz Bros.

School supplies and equipment.


Library Store Inc.

Library supplies.


Palmieri Furniture Ltd.

Library furniture and shelving.


Spacesaver Corp.

Mobile storage and shelving systems.


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