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MSDE Annual Report

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MSDE Annual Report



MSDE's Annual Report 2009-2010


Every school librarian fills out an electronic survey and submits it to his or her county supervisor.  Prior to sending the data to the state, the county supervisor reviews the individual surveys to ensure that questions are not answered incorrectly (for example, if a new school librarian does not know that his/her county has a union catalog and leaves it off of the survey, the supervisor can correct the mistake before it is sent to the state). These surveys are submitted online, but a Word document is also sent to school librarians for their organizational use:  2010-2011 MSDE Public School Annual Library Media Center Report.


The county school library supervisor receives the surveys from the school librarians in early spring.  It is the supervisor's job to send the completed surveys to the Maryland State Department of Education The state then compiles the results and sends an online report to all counties. These reports can be downloaded in Word for further documentation.


The following data points are collected through this report:


  • Does the school have a library? 
  • Is the school librarian on the School Improvement Team? 
  • School library staffing numbers 
  • Number of items in collection 
  • Percentage of collection in the specified Copyright Sensitive Dewey Area
  • Services provided (circulation system, OPAC, school-wide network access, internet accessible computers, TV broadcast capability) 
  • Procedure for scheduling classes in the library (flexibly, scheduled, part flexible/part scheduled)? 
  • The percentage of time the school librarian fills the following roles:
    • Teacher
    • Instructional Partner
    • Information Specialist
    • Program Administrator
    • Technology Support
  • Utilization statistics


     Frederick County Library Media Handbook


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