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Stakeholder support is built through program design, marketing and education. It is the job of school librarians to design programs around stakeholder needs and to educate stakeholders about how school libraries connect to stakeholders’ priorities. 


"Communication from the library is vital because it is a form of publicity and allows the librarian to form and strengthen relationships with library stakeholders." (Martin and Zannier)


Suggestions for Modes of Communication:

  • E-mail: A fast and effective way to communicate. Be sure to review messages before sending them out. "Netiquette" is very important.
  • Newsletters: Consider publishing a regular newsletter as a way to introduce the library, report what is going on, and share information. 
  • Website: A great way to communicate library policies, procedures, hours, etc.
  • Reports: Keep supervisors and administrators in-the-know by submitting reports that contain statistics and budget information.
  • Pamphlets: Events and services can be publicized through the creation of simple pamphlets. 
  • Phone/Face-to-Face: Even though technology can be a wonderful thing, keep in mind it is still important to meet with stakeholders in person.



Stakeholder groups and sample "issues, concerns, priorities, and needs"

(from AASL's  "School Library Program Health and Wellness Toolkit")



  • Getting good grades
  • Being accepted into college
  • Need to succeed
  • Personal interests
  • Time
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Safe places/refuge



  • Student safety
  • Knowing assignments
  • Helping students with homework
  • Students being well prepared for college/work
  • Student success



  • Time
  • High stake tests
  • Plagiarism
  • Need to differentiate
  • Student success
  • Parent concerns



  • High stake tests
  • Student success
  • Budget
  • Parent's happiness
  • School asthetics 


Community Members

  • Successful community schools
  • Cost-effective community schools/tax burden
  • Students prepared for work
  • Image
  • Jobs
  • Development



  • Jobs
  • Development
  • Community satisfied- minimal complaints
  • Cost-effective schools
  • Good press/PR
  • Personal interests and goals


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