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Mission Statements

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Mission Statements


A mission statement is a concise statement of purpose.  A strong mission statement reminds the school community of the purpose and goals of the school library program.  It can help promote the school library program and keep the school library staff focused on their goals.


AASL Mission Statement

Howard County Mission Statement

Carroll County Mission Statement

Frederick County Mission Statement

Individual Mission Statements


AASL Mission Statement


The mission of the school library program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  The school librarian empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.  (American Association of School Librarians, Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs, Chicago: AASL, 2009.)



Howard County Mission Statement


The mission of the Howard County Public School System is to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each student will participate responsibly in a diverse and changing world. In support of its mission the Howard County Public School System will:

  • Ensure that each student meets or exceeds rigorous performance and achievement standards. Ensure the highest level of performance for all staff.
  • Develop and implement curriculum and assessments, which are relevant and challenging.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and academically stimulating learning environment.
  • Create an environment in which students, staff, families, and community members participate and contribute.
  • Ensure that diversity and commonality are valued.
  • Ensure that policies, structures, services, and resources support the vision, beliefs, mission, and goals.


(HCPSS Library Media Program, "Library Media Handbook." Howard County Public School System. (accessed January 26, 2011). 



Carroll County Mission Statement


The mission of Carroll County Public Schools is to ensure that every student can thrive as a responsible citizen in a changing world by providing rigorous and challenging curriculum in partnership with quality staff, caring families, and supportive community members. 


Carroll County Library Media Mission 
The library media program serves the school's learning community by providing instruction and support in all curriculum areas through quality print and technology rich resources to advance best practices and strategies which improve student achievement.  



Frederick County Mission Statement


Frederick County Public Schools' mission is to:

  • REACH our students with exceptional teaching and caring support.
  • CHALLENGE them to achieve their potential.
  • PREPARE them for success in a global society. 


Frederick County Library Media Mission Statement

The school library media program offers students and staff members equitable and timely access to materials and services that ensure that they become effective users of ideas and information. The program provides both physical and intellectual access to organized, diverse collections of information resources in a variety of formats. These resources support curricula as well as encourage students and staff to pursue personal interests. The resources utlize the power of technology and provide exposure to instructional technology to enable students to access new ideas and information so that they may become self-sufficient, responsible citizens who are contributing members of a global information society.


The school library media program is administered by professional and support staff on both the school and county level. The program is based upon instructional partnershiups with all curricular areas in order to facilitate learning and assist in the development of instructional resources, as well as supporting teachers in the effective use of various technologies in the classroom and media center. The program reinforces a supportive educational environment that nurtures the desire to learn, respects individual learning styles, and promotes intellectual freedom.



Individual Mission and Vision Statements



Lindsey's Mission Statement :

The SLMP’s mission is to provide curricular resources, information references, and recreational reading for the school community to become effective learners and contributing members of society.

Lindsey's Vision Statement :

  • To prepare students to participate as a productive member of a global society
  • To empower students to be responsible for their own learning
  • To encourage students to read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth
  • To collaborate with teachers in order to connect classroom and library media curricular goals
  • To provide students and staff with a safe and engaging learning atmosphere
  • To enforce ethical behavior in gathering and using information


Kate's Mission Statement:
The school library encourages students to seek and share knowledge, to responsibly use information and technology, and to read for personal pleasure and academic success.

Kate's Vision Statement:

To enable students to become knowledgeable users of information, the school library will:

  • Establish instructional partnerships between the faculty, the students, the school librarian, the school administrators, and the school community.
  • Develop and respect individual learning styles.
  • Assist students and staff in developing skills to use and produce media in various formats.
  • Promote the rights and responsibilities of intellectual freedom.
  • Guide students, teachers, and administrators towards understanding the purposes of informational reading and recreational reading.



Jamie's Mission Statement:

The mission of our school library is to create a life-long love of reading by providing quality resources and collaborating with students and staff.

Jamie's Vision Statement:

  • Offer collaboration opportunities with staff that supports the curriculum for the academic achievement for students
  • Provide information seeking opportunities
  • Create a supportive, safe and nurturing environment
  • Provide opportunities to interact with up-to-date technology
  • Connect to and support the surrounding school community


Jen's Mission Statement:

The mission of our school library is to create and encourage lifelong learners, readers, and information seekers by effectively collaborating with teachers, students, and the community. 

Jen's Vision Statement:

The vision of our school library is to create a comfortable environment to promote learning of all users:

  • We wish to encourage a love for reading through interactive teaching
  • The 21st student will be reached through innovative technology
  • Research skills will be exposed through the variety of resources
  • A collaborative work environment will be established to enhance all student curriculum



Kathy's Mission Statement:

The school library empowers all students to foster a love of reading, engage in critical thinking and focus their natural curiosities.

Kathy's Vision Statement:

The school library will:

  • Ensure that each student is challenged to reach their potential.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and academically stimulating learning environment that respects students' intellectual freedom.
  • Ensure that diversity and commonality are valued.
  • Develop and implement curriculum and assessments in collaboration with classroom teachers.


Sam's Mission Statement:  The School Media Program's mission is for students and staff members to receive the encouragement, guidance and necessary opportunities to build knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for interacting with and accessing information, in order to become successful contributing members of a global society.  This foundation of integrated support will ensure that all students and staff members will play an active part in effective information use.


Sam's Vision Statement:

The School Media Program's vision is to explore and inspire the following:

  • The independence of our students as authentic learners and information seekers
  • Collaboration between students, staff members and administrators
  • Encourage and instill the love of leisure reading
  • Promote the use of all types of materials: print, multimedia and online resources
  • Compliment and augment the curriculum with relevant and current materials
  • Create a welcoming, engaging and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Incorporate integrated instructional support



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